Love Story

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family Day at the Zoo

We were SO excited!! We hadn't been to the Zoo as a family since last Spring. My friend Sara and her family came with us and it was the most BEAUTIFUL day!! The kids had so much fun. We let Lauren walk most of the time and it completely wore her out!! She slept all the way home and then 2 hours in her crib!! NICE! My little Abby had a blast as well but it takes alot more to get that girl to take a nap!! Here are some fun pictures of our day at the Zoo, and we FINALLY got a couple fun Family Pictures!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This past Friday night I went bowling with some friends. We had such a fun time!! I love hanging out with these girls!!!
From Left to Right:
Yolanda, Briony, Me, Kellie and Shawna

Family Home Evening

So call us crazy... we kinda were.. but we took the girls to see the temple last night for FHE. I will admit, it didn't start out so grand. When we put the girls into the car, the car door was frozen and wouldn't shut!! We had to play with it for about 15 min. When it finally did, we were on our way!! We drove downtown and parked on 2nd East and took trax. The girls loved it!! They had a fun time going for a "train" ride. When we walked by the temple, it was beautiful!! I think the missionaries at Temple Square thought we were a little crazy going out on a night like that, but it was really fun. I love just going anywhere with my little family!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Roller Skating

Abby received a new pair of roller skates from her Grandma and Grandpa Flanders this year for her birthday. She has been asking us almost everyday if we can go outside and use them. It has been SO cold, so on Saturday when it was "kinda" nice outside.. we took our chance. Abby had a good time. She was too scared to do it by herself, but she had a fun time holding our hands and doing it. We told her that she needs to keep practicing and she will get better and better. It was crazy to see my little girl wearing roller skates! She is growing up SO much! Lauren was excited to be able to ride the "finding nemo" toy we have. Everytime we walk out our front door, she runs over to it and tries to get on. She was SO excited when we finally LET her get on and ride it. She is learning that she can move it herself. It was SO cute to watch!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I just read my friends blog and she had a fun thing on there that I wanted to do.. it says..

Write 5 Things that have graced your life today or at anytime in your life.. it basically wants you to do it every day, but I am sure we all don't have time for that, but maybe at least once a week would be a great goal..

Ok.. so 5 things I am grateful for today...

1- Quiet/nap time.. Enough said!
2- Making new friends, and strenghthening friendships with my old friends.
3- friends that suggest WONDERFUL books to read
4- Comfortable slippers to keep my feetsies warm on a cold cold day!!
5- Having a hubby that loves to do "family activities" together!

So, those are mine for today.. I hope I did it right..
Now lets see what you guys are grateful for today!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve

For New Years Eve this year we went to a little "Masquerade Ball" at one of our friends house. Ok.. so not everyone dressed up, but my friend Sara and I did (along with our cute hubbys) and we had a pretty fun time!! I was able to wear my fun dress again and decorate a mask to wear for the evening. I must say that was a fun night away from the kiddies and we were able to just play!! Abby and Lauren had a fun evening at their grandma and grandpa Beckstead's house. Abby was still up when we got there at around 12:30 am. It was funny though, because when we got there.. she told us that she was tired and ready to go home!! She was trying to get US out the door!! :) What a fun night!

Making Snowmen and Abby's new sweater!!

We made paper snowmen the other day and I think the girls had a pretty good time. Lauren LOVED to put glitter all over the paper and then kinda smear it around and lick it off her fingers!! I think they ended up being pretty cute!!

I also wanted to tell you about the cute sweater Abby is wearing in these pictures.. We actually went to the store the other day to buy her little friend a birthday present and while we were there she found that sweater... Abby begged and begged that I would buy that sweater for her, but I kept telling her that we weren't there to buy anything for Abby, we needed to find something for her friend. She was sad but ok with it. Anyways, later that night I had forgotten that I had a couple christmas letters that were given to me for the girls and I completely forgot to give them to them. I'm terrible!! So, I had Abby open hers and she got $5 from one of her grandmas. When she saw the money.. her eyes lite up and she says.. "MOM!!! Can we go buy that sweater with my money now!!??" It was SOO stinking cute.. I took her back to the store and we bought the sweater. (We had a pay a couple extra dollars more, but what was even nicer is I didn't realize it was on SALE!! :) ) So now she has her sweater and she absolutely LOVES it and is SO proud that she bought it all by herself!! My little girl is growing up!