Love Story

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A visit to the dentist

Abby went to the dentist yesterday for her second time. She went for her first time 6months ago!! She is growing up SOOO fast!! She was SO good for them. I am so proud of my little girl!! Plus NO cavities!! Kinda crazy because that girl has consumed so much candy lately..hehe..

Discovery Gateway

My sister in law invited me to go with her to the Discovery Gateway museum on Monday. I thought it would be a fun day for a "abby and mommy" date!! So Lauren got Grandma Joanne all to herself that day!! This place is AWESOME!! They had so much to do.. Abby absolutely LOVED the playhouse that they had there. She loved to have "tea parties" with all the other little kids. She thought it was so fun to go "shopping" in their little grocery store and once she got on the horse she didn't want to get off!! If this place wasn't so expensive to go to all the time we would probably go once a week!! Thanks Heather for inviting us!! We had a blast!! (The song she is singing in the video is from the movie "Ichabad and Mr. Toad" called "Merrily on my way to nowhere in particular" something like that)

Thank goodness for "non toxic" crayons!!

The girls love to color.. I have to tape the paper down to the table so Lauren has an easier time, but I think she loves it!! I think her favorite part is eating the crayons though!! Everytime I looked over at her she had a crayon in her mouth!! Thank goodness crayons are "Non Toxic"!!

Birthday Parties

The past couple of Saturdays we have gone to some fun Birthday Parties. The first one was an "Ariel Party".. I have posted a picture of my friends backyard.. she went ALL out!! Abby had a blast! They had a pinyata, fishing pond, and more water things than you could count!! It was so much fun!! Then for the 2nd party this past weekend my friend had a "Princess Party".. All the girls got to dress up in a costume and make crowns and wands and played a game where they put lipstick on and my friend had a poster of a huge frog and they would try to kiss the frog on the lips (with their eyes closed). My friends are SOOO creative!! All the girls looked so beautiful!! This coming weekend we are going to another birthday party that is a "princess party" as well.. we are really looking forward to it!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Catch up

Last friday I had a little friend swim party for Lauren's bday. I don't have many friends that have little ones her age, but I have a couple close. So they came over and we went swimming and had cupcakes. Not much.. but she is 1 !!! :) Then this past Tuesday Abby went to her dance class. She is SOOO adorable to watch!! I love it so much! I am so happy she enjoys it so much as well! Then on Wednesday I took the girls to Gardner Village with my mom and the girls and Abby got to have a pony ride. I was SOO mad that I forgot my camera!!! I am going to go again in October, so I will have to get pictures then!! Yesterday (Thursday) I took the girls to the zoo. We went and saw the bird show, went on the carousal and then the train and we were DONE!! It was way too hot! Lauren especially loved the beginning of the bird show. She kept pointing and smiling at the birds that would fly over our heads. But both of them were pretty bored after about 15 min.. hehe.. they were ok though.. just a little restless. On the Carousal, Abby loved it and Lauren didn't want anything to do with it!! hehe I love taking them to the zoo though.. but I prefer to take them in either the Spring, Fall or even the Winter!! It was fun though. I was kinda proud of myself for doing it by myself. I usually always go with someone! Then that afternoon we went to my cousins house and found out he is going to the Ft Lauderdale/Miami Florida HAITIAN/CREOLE speaking mission. Crazy huh? I am way excited for him.

Anyways, since I was a dummy and didn't take pictures at gardner village or really alot at the swimming party.. I just have some cute ones of the zoo yesterday... here they are!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wheeler Farm

We went to Wheeler Farm on Wednesday and it was pretty fun. It was a very humid/hot day!! I think the girls had fun though.. here are some cute pictures of the day.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Ok.. so my friend and I are total nerds.. I know!! We went to Barnes and Noble on Friday night to get the Breaking Dawn book at midnight!! We had a lot of fun though!! They had psychic readings, get your picture with Edward, tattoos, lots of drawings and some fun people that dressed up!! We got our picture taken with the Edward they had for a good laugh and we totally felt dumb because he was MAYBE 17 years old!! hehe.. Then we saw this guy there that was really tall and handsome (he looked like the guy that is going to be in the movie!!) and we told him that he should've been the Edward upstairs!! He just laughed.. ok.. it was kinda awkward.. but it was funny all the same!! Wanna hear how cheap I am though?? I waited with my friend in the line for about 1 hour and I didn't actually buy a book that night.. They were like $20.. I went on Saturday afternoon and bought it at Costco for $12.50!!! It was really fun just going out with my friend though.. Here are some pictures!!

Birthday Parties

We had a couple of birthday parties for Lauren. One at my parents house with my side and one with Mike's family. Lauren LOVED them!! She loved to open her presents and I think she LOVED the attention!! When it was time for her to eat the cupcake, she wasn't really sure what to do. She just held it for a couple min and looked at it. When I put it up close to her face so she could taste it.. that is when she DEVOURED it!! It was so cute!! Here are some cute pictures of both parties.