Love Story

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. I hope you all did as well!!

On Christmas Eve we relaxed (Mike had the day off) he went out for a couple of hours to finish up the Christmas shopping and the rest of us just hung out. It was nice. Then that evening we went to Mike's families house and had a dinner, read the Christmas Story and then opened up presents. Mike's parents made the girls baby doll cradles. The girls LOVED them!! They had a lot of fun getting IN them too!! Thank goodness they were made VERY sturdy!

On Christmas morning we opened presents at our house with the girls and then Grandma and Grandpa Flanders came and the girls were SO excited to have them at our house!! They were showing off all their new toys! Afterwards we went to my (Allison's) parents and talked to my brother Brian for about 2 hours!! He is in Germany on his mission and it was so great to be able to hear his voice and know that he is doing an amazing job there! After the call, we opened even more presents. Lauren had a fit because she wanted to open ALL of them (including Abby's)!! Abby had a moments as well, but when we finally got her to open the gift from Grandma and Grandpa Beckstead (my parents) she was frantic!! She couldn't open it quick enough!! They had given her a horse and princess Carriage for her barbies. She absolutely LOVES it!! (Lauren does as well.. that is one fight I have to contend with every day now! :) )

In the afternoon we went over to my Grandma and Grandpa Browns house for some lunch. It was fun to see the family that we only really see once a year!

Then we went back over to my parents house because Mike told me that he forgot to give me one of my gifts. He went to the fridge and pulled out a variety of chocolate covered fruit that he had made just for me. So THAT is what he was doing on Christmas Eve!! I have the most wonderful husband in the world! How did I get so lucky?!

While we were there, it started snowing HARD!! So we decided it probably wouldn't be the best idea to go to Mike's family party. We were sad, but better to be sad than get into an accident on the way. So instead.. my sister pulled out the Wii and we played the Rock Band and Wii Fit for a while.. FUN GAMES!! Then we went home and put the girls to BED!! What a FUN and CRAZY day!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Abigail

Abby says this picture is "Crazy" and she LOVES it!!

We have celebrated Abby's birthday a few times... One with the "Beckstead Clan", One with Grandma and Grandpa Brown, One with the "Flanders Clan", and One "Princess Birthday Party" with her friends..

Abigail's birthday party was so much fun! They made wands, ate cupcakes, and played a fun game where they all sit in a circle and pass around the "glass slipper". When the bell rings (clock strikes midnight), if you are holding the glass slipper then you have to sit in the middle and hold an "old shoe". The child in the middle is then in charge of ringing the bell. I can't believe they had so much fun playing this game!! Also, the picture where they all look like zombies watching the tv is because I had a "Princess Sing Along" movie on, I just wanted the music, the cupboard was closed but one of the kids found out it was an actual movie so all the kids came down and watched the whole movie.. :) I wasn't expecting that.. but when you are hosting a party for 3 and 4 year olds, then you just have to go with the flow!! Abby had a wonderful time and we love our little girl SOO much!! I can't believe she is 4 years old!!! I love you little goof monster!!


We made gingerbread houses...

I also cut Abby's hair about 4 inches.. don't ask my why.. just one day I asked her if she wanted me to cut her hair, and she said YES!! In the picture you can see how short I cut her hair underneath and the original length on top. I actually kinda like it though!!

Abby and Lauren like to watch movies together...

Lauren has a habit of putting the bowl on top of her head after she is done eating.. What a MESS!!!

Playing in the Snow

Snow, Snow EVERYWHERE!! I love snow other than when I have to drive in it!! The girls had a blast going outside and playing in it. Lauren loved eating it more though!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fancy Schmancy Book Club Dinner

Last Friday, my book club friends and I had a delicious 5 course meal and some fun chat about the book "beauty" afterwards. Then we exchanged different books and are going to come back next month and talk about the one we received. It was such a fun night and I was SOO excited to wear my dress!! I honestly felt so pretty!! Can you believe that I found that dress at the DI for $8!! Yeah... Go me!! We added the red to it to make it a little less "wedding looking" and I LOVE the end result!! Here are some fun pictures from the night!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Festival of Trees

This past Saturday Abigail performed with her little dance group at the Festival of Trees. She did an AMAZING job!! I was SO proud of her!! She is growing up so much!!

Afterwards we walked around and looked at some trees.. but my girls weren't very interested.. oh well.. maybe next year.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Taking a ride with Mrs Claus

A couple of my friends and I went to Gardner Village tonight for FHE and had a ride with Mrs Claus. Afterwards we walked around and found different elves and the little ones received a free candy cane!! Yeah!! I honestly love that place!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We had such a great Thanksgiving this year. We went over to Mike's aunts house for dinner and Abby and Lauren had a blast playing with all the 2nd cousins! Afterwards we went over to my aunts house and we had dessert and all took turns playing "Rock Band"!! That game is AWESOME!!! It was such a fun day!

I am so thankful for this great holiday.. it helps us remember what is most important to us.. and for me that is truly my FAMILY!!