Love Story

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wheeler Farm

On Thursday we went to Wheeler Farm with my sister in law Heather and her little girl Raiyah. The girls had a fun time feeding the ducks, going on the wagon ride and looking at all the animals. It was a beautiful day to go!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Abby's Dance Performance

Abby had a dance performance last night. She did AMAZING!! She danced to "Jailhouse Rock." I LOVED their little outfits! It was an eventful night though... The first half of the dance was held outside on the big stage, but a HUGE storm came rolling in and they had to move it to the little stage inside. Luckily Abby was able to perform her dance with her class outside before it got bad!! Lauren had a fun time splashing in all the puddles!! She was SOAKED by the end of the night!! Abby and I also had a fun mother/daughter dance as well. We had a BLAST!! Here are some fun pictures of Abby doing her little dance and a picture of her and her little classmates! SO cute!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Princess Storytime

Today we went to the Holladay Library and they had a "Princess Storytime" there. (Thank you Chesney for telling me about it!) They had a fun princess come and tell them a story, sang them a song, taught them to dance like a princess and they were able to take their picture with her. Abby just ate it up! Lauren wasn't so sure though, she wanted to stay by me and just watch her from a distance. They had such a fun time!! This girl that played the princess is AMAZING!! She is going to be performing at different libraries this summer so we are definetly going to try to catch her again!! Here are some fun pictures from today.