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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 24, 2009

Mike's family has started a fairly new tradition of going up to Pineview for the 24th of July weekend. We always have a blast up there with his family! They had so many fun actities for the kids, they had a little pool that the kids loved to play in, they had bubbles and finger painting as well. They loved it!! This year Lauren and Abby also LOVED being on the boat. Lauren enjoyed taking a ride on the tube as well. Abby was a little nervous this year to try it. It was such a fun weekend!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Willow Pond

I can't believe that I didn't know that this park existed until now!! Sara Rasmussen told me that she wanted to do playgroup at Willow Pond so I just ran with it... this place is WONDERFUL!! It has 3 different playgrounds and a fun water feature, a wading pond that the kids can get in and walk around and a HUGE pond that people can go fishing (or just throw rocks in.. my kids favorite!!)

Abby was RIGHT in the middle of all the water, but Lauren liked to just walk around and get a little sprinkle here and there!!

This was Lauren's favorite part!! She did this for a good half hour straight!

Abby, Kenshin, Cassidy, Madeline and Bethany

Camping at Pineview

This past weekend we went camping up at Pineview. This is the first time that I have ever gone camping with JUST my little family (Mike and the 2 girls). Let me tell you.. it is alot more pressure trying to make sure you pack EVERYTHING and don't forget anything!! But everything worked out and we had a great time. We bought a little inflatable boat and the girls had a blast taking their turns!!! When it wasn't their turn on the little boat, they had alot of fun just digging in the dirt on the beach (which there isn't much of because the water is so high)!! Mike's parents came Friday night and we roasted marshmellows. We love camping!!

Relaxing after we got everything set up

Lauren actually really liked to be in her playpen!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Princess Amerah

We went to go see the Princess Amerah again!! This time we went to Taylorsville Library and they had booths set up for the little kids. They were able to take their picture with the princess again as well. This time Lauren loved it!! What made it even more fun was that my cousin Amy and her kids came with us. I haven't seen her in a LONG time, so it was so fun to reconnect with her. After we saw the princess, we went to the Taylorsville park and the kids played and played and played for 3 1/2 hrs!! It was a fun day!!


We went Swimming with our friends the Phillips. It was SUPER nice because there was nobody else in the pool!! Abby finally gets in the pool again and loves to swim around on her own. Lauren just loved to be anywhere her dad was!!

Torrin and Tyler Phillips

Tawnya and Sam Phillips

Cute little Ben Phillips

July 3rd & July 4th 2009

We had a fun and busy holiday this year. On July 3rd we went with Mike's family to the Centerville fireworks, but had to leave early because it was going to be an EARLY morning the next day.
Here was our schedule for the 4th of July...

8am: Had to take Abby to Fashion Place mall so she could be in the Murray City parade.

8:30 am: The parade begins.. Lauren had a fun time watching it with my family. I was only able to watch maybe 30 min of it because when Abby's float came past us, I had to walk to the car and go pick her up at Murray Park. Unfortunatly, I didn't know that I didn't have to leave right away to pick her up. It took about 45 min for her to get to the end!! Now I know better for next year I guess!!

About 11am: The girls were able to have some quiet time at home.. :)

2pm: BBQ at my parents house. The girls had alot of fun running though the sprinklers as well.

7pm: Go to the Murray Park and watch their little program and fireworks. The girls really enjoy this every year. This year we actually ran into our neighbor that was there as well. Abby and Aliayah had a fun time dancing!! Abby didn't want to watch the fireworks with us this year.. she made a new friend named Sara (probably about 16 years old) and her brother (probably around 14 years old) that were sitting behind us and she wanted to watch the fireworks with them.. She talked their ear off the whole time!! haha.. I love our little Abby!!

We had such a fun time!!! This is such a fun holiday for my family. It is my mom's favorite holiday so it makes it extra fun to get to hang out with them all day!! Love you guys!!

Abby and Grandma Flanders at Centerville Park on July 3rd.

Lauren and Mommy at Centerville Park July 3rd

Mike and Allison at Centerville Park July 3rd

Abby getting ready for the Murray Parade to begin.

Abby and Cousin Lindsay (Loo Loo) before parade begins.

Lauren and Robin waiting for Parade to begin. (Lauren was a little tired.. can you tell?)

Abby waving to us from the float!!

Abby and Lauren taking a little quiet time after the parade!!

Abby in my parents backyard putting her foot over the sprinkler head (her favorite part)!!

Just a cute picture of Lauren :)

Lauren not getting TOO close to the sprinklers.. Just close enough to get a LITTLE wet!!

Abby dancing at the Murray Park

Abby and her friend Aliayah

Lauren and Grandma Joanne watching the fireworks!!