Love Story

Friday, April 30, 2010

March 2010

Pirate Day at Abigail's Preschool!

Lauren's hair is getting long enough to braid!! She loves it when I do her hair.. and I thought this picture was so cute of her admiring herself!

We made fun hats!

Mike took me on a surprise date to the Desert Star Playhouse. What a fun date!

We took the girls to "Disney on Ice." My Grandma Dot and Aunt Diane came with us as well.

I love visiting my Grandma and Grandpa Brown. My girls just LOVE her!

Abby started taking violin lessons in March. She is so excited to learn how to play the violin just like her Grandma Flanders and Aunt Heather!!

For St. Patrick's Day I made the girls a "green" breakfast. They thought it was so funny.. and actually ate better than they usually do!! Maybe I need to turn their food different colors for them to eat it!! :)

A fun day at the Murray Park with mommy and daddy.

Mike and I have a couple of friends that are from Pakistan and one night they taught us how to play the game "cricket." What a fun game!! The girls made a new friend and had a blast just running around together at the park.


Towards the end of March... I started finding chunks of hair on the floor in my house. I asked Abigail what they were and she told me that she was SICK of having long hair. She wanted to have short hair. I told her that she shouldn't cut her own hair and that I would cut it for her that night. Here is the end result.. (you can't tell in the before picture that she was cutting her hair because Abby has REALLY thick hair!!)

February 2010

Playing at the Murray Park with some friends

Here we are at my cousin Jake's baptism

Abigail's Preschool went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Pointe.

Abby and her fieldtrip buddy.. Matthew

Evelyn, Abigail and Matthew

Playing in the sand

I love this picture!

Digging for dinosaur bones

Storytime at the Aquarium

Lauren and Kinley

Abigail and Kinley

For Valentine's Day, Mike and I went to a Valentine's Dance.

My friends and their hubbies!

Some wonderful friends!

My wonderful hubby!!

Sara & Zane

Shawna & Warren

Adrian & Kashi