Love Story

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

This was such a fun Valentines Day!! Mike got me an Azalea plant. VERY beautiful!! That evening we dropped Abby and Lauren off at Grandma and Grandpa Becksteads house and we went to dinner and DANCING!!! First we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and it was a MADHOUSE!!! YUMMY food.. just VERY busy!! What do you expect on Valentines day though right?? Afterwards, we all went to Sara and Shawna's Stake Valentines Dance!! Holy cow, it was so much fun! I MISS dancing! We did some fun line dancing, disco dancing, slow dancing, 80's dancing and a fun "SOUL TRAIN"!! We can't wait till next year to do it again! Hopefully we can find someplace to go dancing before then though!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Backyard Adventures

Today I went to Backyard Adventures with Sara and some of her friends from the ward. That place is AWESOME!! The kids loved it! Lauren's favorite parts were the HUGE dinosaurs in one room.. granted.. she wanted nothing to do with the slides.. but she LOVED to just stare up at them! Her other favorite was the lounge swing in another room. She had a fun time just running around and watching everyone climb.
Abby on the other hand LOVED the little tree house they had. She basically stayed in there almost the whole time! She would occationally go down a slide or explore different things, but I always knew where she was going to end up! Here are some fun pictures from our day!! We will definetly be visiting this place again!!

Beauty and the Beast

Abigail and Mike went on a daddy/daughter date on Monday night. They went to go see the play "Beauty and the Beast" at Woods Cross High School. Lauren and I stayed home and played. We went for a walk, read some books and then she was ready for bed! She is still a little bit too little for plays. We would be standing in the hall the whole time!!

When Abby came home, she ran up to me and said.. "Mommy, Mommy!! I saw Beauty and the Beast and the Beast turned into a prince and when he did he was SOOO HANDSOME!!" It made me laugh!! She is so stinking adorable!! She had a great time.