Love Story

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting a new home!!

Mike and I are so excited!! Tomorrow we close on our new home!! It has been a busy week. Monday we were able to do our final walk through of our new place and we brought Abigail and Lauren with us. Abby was running around the place, she loved it. She keeps talking about moving into our new house.

Tuesday I did laundry at my parents house for the last time before I get my OWN washer and dryer.. hehe.. After I was done with the laundry I took Lauren and Abigail over to Chesney's house. Abby was so excited to see Kinley and Shaylee!! It was so fun getting together with my friends from the apt.

Today (Wednesday) we are going to my parents house at about 4pm and Brian is going to open his mission call!!! I am so excited for him

Thursday: We are going to close on our new home.

Friday, we are going to get the key!!!

Saturday we are going to start taking some things over!!!

We are so excited!!