Love Story

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Camping Trip

We took Lauren on her first camping trip this past weekend to Pineview Resevoire. It was Mike's Flanders Family Reunion. We had a blast! We went boating and the girls loved the tube!! Abby wouldn't get on the tube at first, but once we persuaded her to do it, she loved it. Lauren on the other hand had no idea what was going on!! She was just sitting there and would get kinda nervous over the big waves.. but after the first min or so... she actually didn't mind the big waves anymore!! Mike and I did a little bit of wakeboarding as well. Mike was so good!! I didn't get up my first time (who does), but I GOT UP the 2-5 time I did it!! Yeah.. it was so much fun!! I really wish we would've had pictures or video of that.. but I didn't bring the camera the time I got up!! :( Oh well.. I know I did it and that is all that counts!!

We were a little bit nervous about how the night would go. Lauren has been teething and not sleeping though the night at home... so needless to say we didn't know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised though that she slept through the whole night!! Abby slept the whole night as well!! I on the other hand didn't have such luck!! :( (no pillow for Allison = no sleep)

Today Mike and I are pretty sore from wakeboarding but we can't complain.. we had a great time!!I can't wait to take the girls camping again.

Here are some cute pictures of our trip.

Abby LOVED playing in this faucet.. she played in it for about 2-3 hours!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brian's encounter with a pigeon!

So I came over to my mom and dads house today and I was watching videos that Brian had sent home. I found this one and I thought everyone would get a good laugh. Let me give you a little background on the video... A pigeon hit into their glass window and landed on the balcony. This is what happens next... Also.. here are some cute pictures of him and his companion.. Brian.. always the goofball.. I love that kid!! (the video is having technical difficulties.. I will post it when I can get it to work!!)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sister Abigail Flanders

Today at church they learned all about missionary work. They each got some cute badges that say "Member Missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints". When we got home from church I wanted to take a picture of Abigail with her badge and send it to Brian. Here is the cutest one we took.

A house full of Princesses

Lauren, Abby and our cute little neighbor were playing dress up the other day and they had a good time. Lauren loved this hat and Abby and Aliyah were the bug catching princesses. They were so cute.

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Swimming Suit

Last week we bought a new swimming suit for Abby. One that has little floaties inside it. We tried it out and she LOVED it!! I love it now because I can take both of the girls swimming and not get SOOOO nervous. Granted, I still have to keep a hawk eye on Abby, but it is much more relaxing!! She just kicks her little legs around so hard while she swims back and forth in the pool. I think we went swimming about 3 or 4 times last week!! Before we got this new swimming suit, Abby was really nervous to get into the pool. She would just walk around the pool and put her feet in it. It freaked me out even more because I couldn't take my eyes off her.. I was so afraid of her falling in while I had my head turned even for 2 seconds. Oh man.. I am SOO glad we got this new swimming suit!! Oh yeah.. and what I love even more is that after we are done swimming, Abby actually takes a NAP. Nope.. no more quiet time on swimming days.. just pure quiet while they both sleep!! YEAH!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hiking again!!

So we went hiking again in the Big Cottonwood Canyons. We went with our friends Sara and Zane and their kiddies. We had a great time. The kids loved to throw rocks into the river and Lauren loved being in the snuggly with her daddy!! If you want just a simple little hike.. I'm serious.. you should go to this place!! Call us up and we will go with you!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hannah Montana

So, there is one show on Saturday morning that Abby wanted to watch today and that was Hannah Montana. I really didn't think that she was that into it.. but I guess she is. This afternoon she started singing and dancing to the theme song of the show.. Here is her cute performance!!

4th of July Celebration

We have had a CRAZY but fun couple of days. On Thursday night we went to the Centerville Park and watched their fireworks. Lauren was mesmerized by them. It was a pretty fun night. Abby loved to play at the playground and go down the slide but there were always about a houndred kids trying to go down the slide at a time. I think I got more frustrated than Abby did. As she would be on the top of the slide getting ready to go down, about 20 kids would push her out of the way and go in front of her. She would just patiently wait for her turn!! I wanted to scream!! I mean.. come on.. I don't want her to be throwing punches and pushing these little kids back.. but I wish I knew how to teach her to defend herself and not let everyone always step all over her. I know.. I know.. I shouldn't worry about it.. she doesn't seem to care.. but I hate watching it done to my little girl.

Ok.. onto happier times.. :) After the firework show we slept over at Mike's parents house. In the morning we went to the Centerville Park and ate breakfast and watched the parade. Mike's uncle Rick came and watched the parade with us and Lauren loved him!! Afterwards we went home and the girls had a little quiet time.. I knew it was going to be a LONG night!!

So about 2pm we went over to my parents house and had a bbq. It was SOO much fun. I have a little cousin that is 6 years old and Abby LOVES playing with him. She was in heaven! My little Lauren ate everything in sight and then took a 2 1/2 hour nap!!!!! YEAH!! So the bbq was all in all pretty relaxing for Mike and I. About 7pm we went to the Murray Park and watched their program and the fireworks. Although Abigail had a little breakdown.. the night was rather fun!! Lauren was DONE about 10 min into the firework show. She was very happy to go home!! We got home around 11pm and the girls were OUT!!

We had so much fun. I hope you guys all had a wonderful 4th of July as well!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Little Hike

Mike and I just bought a book called "Best Easy Day Hikes in SLC" and so we decided to go on a little hike last night. We just wanted a really short one so we found one in the Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was called the Mill B South Interpretive Trail. This one is maybe 5-10 min. So it was more like a little walk rather than hike, but it was PERFECT for a Abby and Lauren. Lauren LOVED watching the river and all the trees around us. It was kinda hard to take good pictures with her because she wouldn't look at the camera... she kept looking at the waterfall. We decided that we want to do something like that once a week.. so we will see how it goes.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update on Abby's Arm

We went to the doctors yesterday for Abby's arm. She was able to put both of her arms in the air, push her hands together and put them both behind her head with ease!! He said that she is healing VERY well and she should be better in no time. If you were to see her now, you would NEVER know that she ever got hurt. She is my tough little cookie!!