Love Story

Friday, May 28, 2010

Vacation 2010!!!!

We went on the BEST vacation this year!! We were able to go to Sea World and Disneyland!!! Those of you that know me well know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disneyland!! It made the vacation even more fun to have my brother Brian (that just came home from his mission), my parents, my brother Jason, his wife Sally and my cute little neice Elyse there as well!! We missed my sister Robin and her little family though!! Maybe next time!

Here was our agenda...

Saturday, May 8th.... Stayed in Primm, NV at Buffallo Bills. My dad, Brian and I went on the "Desperato"!! AWESOME rollercoaster!!

Sunday, May9th.. Arrive in San Diego. We went to Mission Beach that evening!! Kind of a cold and windy night, but that didn't matter to Abigail.. she played in the water anyways!

Monday, May 10th... SeaWorld!!

Tuesday, May11th.. SeaWorld again!!

Wednesday, May 12th... DISNEYLAND!!

Thursday, May 13th...DISNEYLAND!!

Friday, May 14th...DISNEYLAND!!

Saturday, May 15th...DISNEYLAND!!

Sunday, May 16th.. Drive to Mesquite NV.. stay the night..

Monday, May 17th.. HOME

ok.. so some of you might be thinking "4 days in Disneyland.. isn't that a little much??" Well.. not for me!! We had an absolute blast! My kids were a little tired by the end, but by then we were able to go to see all the parades, shows, wait for autographs of all the wonderful characters and go on all the rides we wanted and just get to see anything and everything with leisure!! Man.. there is nothing like the happies place on earth!! :)

Now that we are home, Abby and Lauren keep asking when we get to go again!! Also, just today Abby told me that she no longer wants to be a "girl musketeer" when she grows up.. she now wants to train Shamu and work at SeaWorld!! I love my little girls!!

Me and the girls at Buffalo Bills

Abby and Lauren finding seashells

Daddy and his beautiful girls!

Mommy and her beautiful girls!!


I absolutely loved how close you could get to the dolphins!

Sally, Jason and Elyse waiting for Shamu Show

Us waiting for Shamu Show

Abby on her first motion ride at Seaworld.. She LOVED it!!

Lauren wasn't so sure of Elmo

We went to another Shamu show.. but this time Abby and Lauren said they wanted to go really close so we will get WET!! We were prepared!


Lauren and my mom on Dumbo

Have to get this picture if you go to Disneyland!

Daddy and Abigail on Dumbo

My dad and the girls playing in toon town!

Me and Lauren on Matterhorn!!

Waiting in line for Peter Pan

The girls were excited to meet Minnie Mouse and play in her house

Waiting for the show "Disney Playhouse" to begin

All of us waiting for the parade

Brian, Sally, Elyse, Jason, my dad, my mom, Abby, Lauren and Mike

See how excited they were to be in Disneyland!! We LOVE Disneyland!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mike's 30th Birthday

For Mike's 30th birthday I threw him a surprise game night. To start out the evening, Tawnya and Torrin came to dinner with us. Afterwards we "pretended" to go back to their house to pick up their car.. Torrin invited Mike in to "look" at something and our friends jumped out and yelled surprise!! Mike seemed pretty excited! What a fun night of games and friends!

April 2010

My little brother Brian came home from his mission on April 1, 2010!!

Decorating Easter Eggs

Abby and Lauren with some of their cousins
We all got together after going to dinner for my Grandpa Brown's 80th birthday!

Uncle Brian with Abby, Lauren and Elyse

Abby and Lauren were able to take swimming lessons this month. Abby is like a little fish now. Lauren on the other hand wasn't so sure of the class. She enjoys being in the water, but she isn't really comfortable yet. She did love to be in the class with her daddy though!

My sister Robin came down from Idaho to visit for my brothers homecoming. We were able to go to dinner the night before as a family!

Brian's Homecoming

Abigail, Lauren and Kylie

Robin reading a book to all the little girls!! SO cute!

Abigail's Preschool Field Trip to Wheeler Farm

Brighton Chalet
We took the girls up to Brighton Chalet on April 21, 2010. There was supposed to be a meteor shower that night so we thought it would be fun to go up into the mountains to see it better. Well, that night it snowed!! We weren't able to see a meteor shower, but we were able to have some fun, relaxing family time!!

This is the view from the living room! Beautiful!!

Abby and Lauren playing games together!

They really love throwing rocks into the water!!