Love Story

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wheeler Farm

I can't tell you how excited I was to go to Wheeler Farm this past Wednesday!! I couldn't wait to take the girls to see all the fun baby animals, take a wagon ride, have a picnic, and hang out with some of my friends!! It was kind of like a little reunion of the friends I had in Central Park Ward!! When we went home, Lauren took a 3 hour nap!! Yeah for fun outings!!

Lauren and Seth feeing the ducks!! They LOVED it!

Abby is just excited to hang out with her friends!

My wonderful friends and their kiddies waiting for the wagon ride (except we are missing Chesney who had to go home early)

Playing on a Beautiful Spring Day

Here are just a couple of pictures of the girls riding their bikes on a beautiful Spring Day!!! We had alot of fun!

Trip to Idaho

We spent a weekend up in Idaho with my sister Robin and her husband Brett (and their dog Lacey). The girls had a fun time. We flew kites, played in the backyard, and went to the Boise Zoo. Here are some fun pictures of our fun weekend.


Attempting to get a cousin picture.. haha.. That sounds alot easier than it really is.. even with only 4 little ones! But I thought this one was pretty cute.

Lauren LOVED her new Easter dress She also loves her daddy!

Abigail LOVED her new Easter dress! Just check out this cute pose she gave me!

Finding the eggs the Easter Bunny hid!

They each got a basket full of eggs full of candy!! We are going to be eating Easter candy for a while!

Lauren showing off her eggs that she found!! You have to love morning hair too!! She is so darn cute!

Abigail and Lauren LOVED their Easter baskets full of candy! The Easter Bunny also brought them a movie. (Miss Spider Sunny Patch Friends)

Lauren and Abby checking out their loot on Easter morning while daddy is in the background taking a morning power nap!! :)

Here's what it looked like for Abby and Lauren on Easter Morning.

Abby doing the "Happy Dance"

Murray Park

We went to play at the Murray Park on a fun Spring day in April. The girls had a lot of fun.

My Brave little Lauren attempting the slide by herself!

This is where Abigail stayed pretty much the whole time. She did the slide and the revolving seat once maybe twice each and then would always end right back here!

Lauren loved all the playground toys, but this one was her favorite! Everytime I tried to take her out, she would cry to go back in!