Love Story

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Trip to Yellowstone

So this year for our family vacation we took the girls to Yellowstone. We were a little bit nervous because we felt like they still might be a little young to really enjoy it, but we all had a BLAST! We splurged and got a "suite" to stay in. I think the girls enjoyed that part the very most! It was like a little home away from home. Every night when we told them we had to go back to the hotel, they got really excited!! We all had a fantastic time together and I really think the girls enjoyed seeing the fun "wonders of this world".

We went to a place called the "Bear and Wolf Museum" in West Yellowstone

Abby was able to actually go into the enclosure to feed the bears. She was nervous but pretty excited about it!

Lauren was really bummed out because you had to be 5 years old to feed the bears. =(

We found some scary little girls in the the wolf den!! Watch out!

Waiting for Old Faithful

Lauren was able to enjoy some of Yellowstone in a stroller. Lucky girl!!

Poor Lauren was so exhausted!!

We met a cute little squirrel friend along the way

I don't know why.. but Lauren was a little bit too obsessed with this bear that had been "shot"!! She kept wanting to go over to it and look at it... Should I be concerned??

This is called "Dragons Mouth" It is one of my favorites! It looks like there is a dragon that is inside this cave that is sleeping and blowing out steam. It also sounds just like it!!

Hayden Valley

Hayden Valley is one of my favorite places to visit when we go to Yellowstone. I was really disappointed this year because there was really no buffalo! Then we found a place were lots of people were gathered together and looking through their telescopes. It was a bear eating a buffalo! This isn't a great picture, but you can kinda see the bear on the edge of the little river. While we were watching there were 2 other bears that would come and take over the previous ones spot. This made stopping in Hayden Valley completely worth it!!

Mike's Work Party

For Mike's summer work party this year they had it at Wheeler Farm. They gave us dinner and had fun blow up toys and things for the kids. I feel so blessed that Mike has this new job. It really has been a blessing in our lives!!

Abby LOVED this slide.. she went down it over and over and over again!

Lauren was a little more nervous to go down this slide, but as soon as she saw that Abby was having so much fun, she finally tried and LOVED it as well. Then we were able to watch her go down it over and over and over again as well!!

Lauren was excited and very nervous to get on the boat and get her picture taken with this pirate. Abby on the other hand didn't want anything to do with him!! =)

Fun in the Pool

So one thing that I really have enjoyed about living in a condo is the fun pool we have!! The girls absolutely love to go swimming. I have to say that my little Abigail is becoming quite the swimmer too. She loves to put her head under the water and see how far she can swim. Lauren still gets a little nervous, but everytime we got in, she was more and more brave!